Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is There a Craft Girl Hiding Inside?

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There was in me, and I'm so glad she's free.  
Why?  Because she found a great way to de-stress from the challenges of the day.  Since the New Millennium rolled into play, there has been a resurgence of knitting, crocheting, millinery, jewelry-making, sewing, needlepoint and paper crafts.

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If anyone had told me a few years ago, that I wouldn't able to pass an AC Moore store without going inside, I would've laughed in their face.  Now, there's not a day that goes by that I don't carve out ten minutes or an hour to crank out my current passion, knitting my Moderne Petite Purses. 

Enter this new creature with knitting needles in one hand, fabric scraps in the other and a desire to create things with my little old hands and oodles of imagination.  Oh yeah, I've become craft girl, say hello ...won't you.

Oh, it gets better. Not only have I become craft girl, I've also started the First Tuesday-Third Wednesday Knitting & Crocheting Club, a twice-monthly knitting group at two local libraries; created a blog and I'm thinking about producing a Google+ web show for passionate crafters.   


(First Tuesday - Karen's Entrelac Hat)

Day 5 
(Wearable Art Blog)

Miracles and Blessings, Kiki here... welcome to today's text-webisode:  "Is There a Craft Girl Hiding Inside?  Say hello and let her out. She's coming out.  Mark my words, it's just a matter of time.  You'll be glad she did, because the calm that accompanies her, makes all the difference in the world.  (The Cloche Project)

This is #4 on iCafe Woman Moderne's Spring To-Do-List.  Find the crafter inside of you, so you can bring more peace into your life.  What do you get for your search?  A calmer you, a new craft, self-confidence, joy, fun; and you meet a lot of interesting people.   

This new skill would not have been learned running on a treadmill for an hour with ear buds. Sure, running is great, but turning a piece of metal into a bracelet; or shaping straw and felt into a sharp cloche hat ... that's priceless. 

 (Wearable Art Blog)

(The Age - Spring Carnival - Australia)

When Did it Happened?

I had an inkling of this inner craft girl, when I whipped up a collage mural at my church that looked like Noah's ark.  It stayed up on the children's Sunday School wall for months.  Nevertheless, it took another five years before I picked up a pair of knitting needles, and I haven't put it down since that day.  I've even ventured back into the world of crocheting.  Well, I'm still treading slowly in that world.  I've almost got the rhythm down pact.

What Will You Discover?

You'll find:
1. Patience
2. A New Skill
3. Peace 


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