Monday, March 3, 2014

Bling in Spring with Office Glam or Office Spa...

Day 2

A season change always means changes to our lives in some way.  Why not change the place you spend many hours of the day in?  

That's right, we're taking our iCafe Woman Moderne, Spring-To-Do-List to the office with item number two on our second day of the 31-Day Blog Challenge.

If office glam isn't your personal taste, even though spring is a great time to leave your comfort zone, you can transform your office into a calm space with spa-like touches.  

Ah, I've got your attention.  Good.

Miracles and Blessings ... Kiki here.   You'll enjoy today's text-webisode:  "Bling in Spring with Office Glam or Office Spa."

Office Spa:  Stress Relief for the Working Week - Author Darrin Zeer taps into the healing principles behind aromatherapy, acupressure, meditation, reflexology, and even feng shui, creating quick and effective pampering treatments that are easy to do on your commute, at the computer, or in the conference room.  

Here's the million dollar question, do you want to glam things up, add some spice--or incorporate serene touches to your not-so-serene office environment, whether it's inside a high-rise or a kitchen pantry?

Defense Attorney Renee, an iCafe Woman Moderne regular, and host of our last visit to office glam, hosts today's text-webisode.


Thanks, Kiki.  Yes, those are the questions you need to answer before putting this on your Spring To-Do-List and making the change.  But I'm all for balance.  Here's a thought, why not have a little office glam and a little office spa.  I tend to sip a cup of coffee while eating a bowl of ice cream.

I LOVE that stiletto desk.  I'm in the process of hiring a carpenter to make a version of it for my home office, but in a glossy Tiffany blue.  Where there's a will, there's always a way.  I'm sure with a lot creativity and a trip to Ikea, you could make your own version of a stiletto desk.

Creativity Rocks!

You could even use a  modern style desk, take off two of the legs, and stack old hardcover out-of-print books and secure them with wood glue.  I saw this done on HGTV once, or maybe it was on TLC's Trading Spaces.   You could screw the books together with wooden dowels to form a desk leg or a stacked heel, if you're creating your own stiletto desk.  A waterfall desk is an even easier option for that stiletto desk look.  I may nix the carpenter and do that myself. 

(waterfall desk)

Feminine Touches for Your Corporate Office/Cubicle

Amp up your downtown office with a few items from home, like replacing that standard office chair with an upholstered chair and a shag run shaped like a cloud.  See, there's the spa already creeping into your glam design.  

The chair above and to the left looks like something you would sit on during a manicure.  I knew a woman from my last corporate job, who brought from home, a chrome floor lamp with long curved neck she used over her desk.  It was great at softening the florescent lighting.  

A couple of dollar store vases filled with A.C. Moore's silk pink roses and lilac hydrangeas, and glass beveled frames in different sizes along the wall helped relax her on the busiest days.  She admitted to getting more accomplished when she added more personality to her office.  There we go again with the calm and the glam side-by-side.

A Little Office Bling Here and There 
Goes a Long Way
Show off a little office bling with a pink zebra Post-it Pop Up-Note Purse and Stiletto Shoe Dispenser...

A tiffany blue stiletto shoe tape dispenser and clutch ... and a leopard iPad cover.  Remember those awful shoulder pads from the 1980s?  Nope, we're not trying to hide our feminine side.

True, not all women dig pink and rhinestones.  But, I'd be hard press to find a woman who doesn’t like diamonds. 


If your eyes light up when you see our office glam, then you'll know you have a girly side screaming to get out.  I’ve seen several of my crocodile purse Post-it dispensers in my department since I placed mine on my desk.  

Now for the Office Calm... with a Side of Glam

 (succulent garden - Pinterest)

Create your office calm with a succulent garden in a pretty ceramic pot.  Use soothing textures and colors, such as: grass cloth, a marble or quartz tile to set a lamp, plants or office accessories on.  If it's okay with company policy, you can add fabric to the inside cubicle walls that at times can feel like they're closing in.  

Office Cubicle Glam and Calm - Empirella)

(Decoration Ideas)

Try adding a small table next to your desk to hold a tea set.  That could be your office tea station.  I also saw this in another cubicle at my last job.  

Instead of going for that extra jolt of java, serve yourself a cup of herbal tea made from loose leaves.  Keep a small jar of honey and/or rock candy stirrers when you need special pampering as you close in on a deadline. 
(atmosphere interior design)

(shorty & Me)

More Office Spa Touches

A small waterfall placed on your desk will also have a calming effect. You can even include a small cherry tomato and pepper plant that you can enjoy with your salad at harvest time. 


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