Sunday, March 2, 2014

Get Your Spring To-Do-List On!

First On Our List is the 31-Day Blogging Challenge 
Happy Almost Spring!

No, you didn't sleep through Saturday, March 1 ...we're just keeping you on your toes. 

Springtime Barbie

Okay, so the forecast calls for a winter storm, and the remnants of the last snow storm is still on your lawn.  Can you think of a better time to roll-out Spring?  That's right, we're starting the roll-out with our Spring To-Do-List.  What was that?  You don't have one yet.  Great, our iCafe Woman Moderne Divas are just in time to inspire you to create one.  

We were hoping to re-launch our iCafe Woman Moderne  text-webisodes with a visit from Stefne Miller, author, producer and creator of the exciting new video web series:  "Salvaged:  A Love Story," based on her YA novel. But when Hollywood calls we have to be ready.   

No worries, I'm sure we'll catch up with her ... you guessed it ... in the Spring, which is just around the daylight savings corner ... yippee!  (Barbie)

Until then, here's a look at episode six of the popular web series:  Salvaged:  A Love Story.

Welcome to today's episode:  "Get Your Spring To-Do-List On! Kiki, here ... yes, it's been a minute, but we're so glad to be back. Our divas are still busy hanging out at iCafe Woman Moderne, a virtual cafe for inter-generational women and girls.

Today, we're focusing on the first item on our Spring To-Do list that's been on everyone's New Year's resolution at least once ... get healthy through exercise.  Our divas call it, get healthy through fun fitness.   They've been at it for the last three years, and still love it.  

So don't worry if you didn't exactly do the five miles on the treadmill everyday.  Our divas' opt for rebounding on the mini-trampoline in front of their favorite show  on most days. This video shows us rebounding is fun worldwide.

Rebound Your Way to Fun Fitness!

You step on your mini trampoline/rebounder with TV remote in hand and bounce away until Vanna waves bye-bye—or Castle’s credits roll.  Yes, that’s a smile on your face.  You’re not feeling the burn—you’re feeling the fun, while detoxifying your body.  This workout for the young and old, packs a great fitness punch with some quieter than others.
According to NASA, rebounding offers 70% less shock impact than jogging, combines strength training with cardio aerobics and has greater biomechanical stimuli.  It's one of the few workouts you can do with knee injuries, back problems, or suffer from arthritis.

Lifelong Benefits

Rebounding  (1)boosts lymphatic and immune systems; (2)less jarring on joints and the skeletal system; (3)lowers blood pressure and cholesterol; (4)increases the capacity of the heart and lungs; (5)reduces stress and tension; (6)improves circulation; (7)burns calories; (8)improves muscle tone and the list goes on.

Rebounders in Today’s  Market

Bellicon Rebounders came onto the scene first with this new generation bungee cord construction, instead of the steel springs and squeaky frame.  Virtually silent it allows for a smooth bounce.
JumpSport Fitness, the latest entry in the mini trampoline market took it to the next level,offering seven tension settings.

Safety First
You’ll also find in the marketplace:  the Urban Rebounder,Needak, Rebound Air, Bellicon, Cellerciser, and a bunch of cheaply made rebounders.  
Safer rebounders (Urban Rebounder) are priced $100 and up.  You’re risking safety when you by a $40 rebounder.  Bellicon tops the scale at $699-$900.  

Another bonus—folding models you can take wherever you go. Rebound Air was the rebounder of choice for the “Biggest Loser” and appeared on the television show, “The Drs.” Rebound Air is one of the few mini trampolines for users who weigh up to 400 lbs.

See you in a few.  

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