Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chocolat a la Mode: Edible Chocolate Fashion

(Pink Cake Box.com)

(Gayle's Chocolate Shoes - Gayle's Chocolates.com)

Spring has sprung at iCafe Woman Moderne.

(Cafe tables along the Avenue des Champs-Elysees) 

This is our version of Springtime in Paris.  

A couture party dress hangs on a clothing form in an exclusive Paris salon.  Stilletoes shine in a boutique vitrine (display window) along a shopping corridor in the 7th Arrondissement (district/neighborhood).  And a zebra handbag would go great with a zebra trench coat worn strolling along the Left Bank.

 Horchow's handbag cakes


Are your fashion taste buds salivating for more?  Well, they should ... cake and chocolate tend to have that effect.  These fashion sweets are made from flour and real chocolate.
Did you just do a double-scroll?   I don't blame you. 

Yes, that's a party dress on a clothing form, but it's not in a Parisian salon.  It may be a little sticky trying on, I wouldn't reccomend it.   All edible, this yummy sour cream and orange zest cake filled with pistachio and white chocolate was created by the Pink Cake Box.  

Chocolate Stilletoes that look like a boutique window display--a zebra handbag you can slice and have with a cup of coffee.  It doesn't get any better than this.    
(Cinderella Edible Chocolate Stilleto) (Below)  

Welcome to:  "It's All About the Chocolate, 
Cake and Fashion - Part two:  
A Woman's Ultimate Fantasy."

Theodora here, I send you miracles and blessings from our diva-in-charge, Kiki.  I'm a regular fixture at iCafe Woman Moderne, a virtual cafe inside a fictional Art Moderne (mid-century) home.

HGTV Springtime Decor

For you newbies, Kiki is the owner of iCafe Woman Moderne, where inter-generational women can just be.  A place where men can occasionally drop in and see our world with crystal clarity, after they lose their rose-colored shades.

Kiki thought I should handle this text-webisode since I'm a handbag  and shoe designer.  Unfortunately, I don't design them in chocolate and cake.  But that could change.

I know many of you can't indulge in chocolate until Easter Sunday, but this roundup will give you something to look forward to, or make an event you're planning extra special.   Especially if you're planning a Spring wedding, celebrating a big birthday for yourself or a friend, or throwing a girlfriends' tea.
 (little black dress cookies - by Donna Makes Cakes

(Little Black Dress - Nordstrom.com)
(Dolce & Gabana Trench)

Chocolate and Cake just seems to go hand-in-hand with fashion.  This makes sense.  Fashion is a feast for the eyes--chocolate, cake and cookies are a feast for the tummy ... hand-in-hand.

They make you feel good when you're having a yucky day.  Just let someone slip you a chocolate truffle at work after your computer crashes, you'll be grinning seconds later, savoring your chocolate moment.  

Bite into a cookie in the shape of a little black dress when you're seated next to a woman who almost made you pull out your hair when you co-chaired an event together.  

And if you're that all-important wedding planner, try munching on a mini handbag cake favor, while you track down that lost tuxedo an hour before the wedding.  Not only are edible fashions great to look at, they can save your sanity during one of life's chaotic moments.

(Food Network Challenge)

Here are some more great edible fashions for making that bridal shower, bridesmaid luncheon and bachelorette party a hit.

1.  Quilted  Handbag  by Horchow
Your bride won't have a dry eye when she sees this white chocolate quilted handbag butter cake filled with chocolate ganache and white chocolate butter cream.  Warning:  all of your single friends will want you to throw them a bridal shower when they plan a wedding. 
Cake handbags price range:  $235 to $280.

2.  Gayle's Shimmering Chocolate Mules
For the chocoholics and fashionistas in your special bridal party, they'll love receiving this sweet token of your appreciation at your bridesmaid luncheon. 

All shoes are handmade--no two are alike. Shoe measures seven inches long, 3-1/2 inches tall and comes with a clear, poly purse.
Price: $40

3. Gayle's Small High Heel Shoes
 These pretty 3-inch pumps with a sugar decoration at the toe will make a memorable favor for that special day or bridal shower.  Cello wrapped with a satin ribbon, they're available in three flavors. Price - $14.00


4. Ultra-Chic Chocolate Purse from Diva Entertains.com.   
Whether it's a gift for a big birthday or wedding party, 
elegance never looked so good.  You may have to pretend it's your birthday too, and pick up a second one.  It's almost too pretty to eat.

This ultra-chic purse is 5" long x 3 3/4" high x 2" thick and beautifully wrapped in cellophane and tied with a matching complementary ribbon, then embellished at the center of the knot with a handmade flower.   Price:  $21.00

5. White Chocolate Leopard Print High Heel with Clear Purse from Fine Chocolate.Com, Fine Chocolate for Fine Occasions.
Again, no two purses are alike.  For the discriminating diva with champagne taste and a heart of gold.  Edible leopard design in its own clear purse and coordinating tissue.  Price:  $24.50 

6. Louis Vuitton Purse Cake from Sweet Things
 Vanilla Swiss Meringue, Butter Cream, Sour Cream Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Ganache are just a few treats that could be hidden inside your Louis Vuitton cake purse.

We'll go to seven since seven means completion.

7. Zebra Cake Handbag - 
This one is from Neiman Marcus.com