Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Edible Video Games?

Edible Electronics?  

Sure ... why not?  Impossible ... you say.  Anything is possible in the New Millennium ... even edible technology.  All you need is flour, eggs, butter, a little vanilla ... some serious baking skills, and you too can whip up an X-box birthday cake...

Edible Cake Art

(X-box birthday Cake)

Or Nintendo Wii Cakes ... 


Or a Sony Play Station complete with spilled soda and Blackberry.


Or maybe you'd like to go old school and sculpt an Atari System.

You'll have to stop yourself from hooking them up to a monitor because they look so real.  And yes, you can even find a "Super Mario" cake at a wedding or two.

(Super Mario Wedding Cake)

Kiki, here ... Miracles and Blessings ...  iCafe Woman Moderne has already started our countdown to 2011 -- and what better way than by mentioning the amazing accomplishments in the world of baking, and the added pizazz today's cake art brings to a party.  

Birthdays, showers, weddings, anniversary and also New Year's Eve parties ... from formal galas to home game parties go from typical to extraordinary with one of these life-like creations ... chocolate included.  


There's nothing in life that can't be depicted in chocolate or cake form.  

(Ultimate Cake Off Judge - Leigh Grode, Co-Owner of Cake Divas )

(Food Network Challenge - Host, Claire Robinson)

Just tune into TLC's shows:  Ultimate Cake Off and Buddy Vlastro's Cake Boss or Food Network Challenge where you'll see anything and everything made from flour, sugar, chocolate ... even veggies, fruits and other food.

Check out these culinary creations 
from Korean Designer, Sun Yeonju.

Eggplant Dress

 (The Edible Dresses of Sung Yeonju)

Bread Dress

Did you think technology was going to let fashion and accessories have all the fun?  iCafe Woman Moderne Diva and Part-time Server, Celeste, found a website that shows you how to make cake electronics - Coolest Birthday

Do you love your iPhone and want a cake version at your next party?  Here's your inspiration ....


New Year's Eve Game Night Party Ideas
Okay, so you've got your electronic cake planned in your head, the directions on how to make it from Cool Birthday, so why not plan a "Game Night New Year's Eve Party."  We're having one on the Eve of New Year's Eve, just to give our iCafe Woman Moderne divas some great ideas to throw their own game night.

Here's how:

1. Incorporate Video Game stations (If you have them and the space) Nintendo Wii in the Living room, X-Box in the Family Room, Playstation in the Florida Room.  You get the idea.  If you don't own all of these, someone you know has one and may loan it out for the party with an invite of course.

(My Design

2. Provide Board Games - Set up card tables and pillows on the floor for board games.  Here are some popular ones:  Uno, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scene It, Taboo, Scrabble, Pictionary and of course ... Twister.  Divide your guests into teams.

3. Decorate - Get balloons, streamers, New Year's Eve Party Hats, Boas and Horns from the Dollar Tree Store or Party City.

4.  Game Night Snacks - Keep the food simple.  Popular Game Night food choices are:
pizza, burritos, tacos, snack mix, wing dings, veggies and dip and so forth.  You can do make your own individual pizzas, or burritos ... get creative with the toppings and fillings.  You can also do a sundae bar.  In my book, it's never too cold for ice cream.  Get creative and make it fun!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Popular Christmas Gifts Each Decade



Kiki here, Miracles and Blessings ... I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas. I know I am, especially knowing that I already have the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.  His birth brings salvation, eternal life and light in a dying world.   What an awesome God we have! 

(Chocolate Christmas Tree)

Christmas is a great time to express your love for family members and friends, because God showed His love for us by giving us baby Jesus, the Messiah.  

Christmas gift-buying has always been a frenzied time.  This year was no different.  Each year and decade there's a popular Christmas gift that the masses must have.  So, as my Christmas ribs cook on a low broil, here are some popular Christmas gifts starting with 20010.

1. 2010 APPLE IPAD

Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)
Apple iPad MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi) 

You can shop for a Kate Spade, defeat a villain and peruse magazines without getting off the couch.  I'm sure there were a lot of teeth showing when they ripped open the wrapping paper and saw the white Apple box.

2.  2000 - RAZOR
Ten years earlier, children and adults alike wanted to scoot around town on a razor.


But now in 20010 you can get an updated version, an electric razor.
Not a popular Christmas gift these days but worth the mention.

Electric Razor Scooter 
Razor E100 Electric Scooter (Red)
Razor E100 Electric Scooter (Red)


Raphael, Donatella and Michelangelo, ninja fighting mutant turtles made pizza super popular and topped video game and action figure sales in the start of this decade.

4. 1980 RUBIK'S CUBE
Everyone had a rubik's cube for a birthday gift or under the Christmas tree.  You saw people on the subway, standing in the post office line and at work and school desks trying to get a perfect cube.


(Polaroid Hylander Model 80A)

6. 1960 - BARBIE
Inspired by a doll she saw in Germany, Helen Handler, the wife of Mattel's co-founder, created the doll named Barbara Millicent Roberts.  We know her as Barbie.

Now let's fast-forward to 2010 Holiday Barbie...


 Barbie Collector 2010 Holiday Doll 

Mele Kalikimaka!  
Merry Christmas in Hawaiian.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Child is Born!

 (St. Charles Christmas)

His name is Jesus, born of the Virgin Mary.  We already have the best gift of all that our Father gave us in a town called Bethlehem.  Today, on Christmas Eve ... as the world slows down, families gather, church doors open and candles are lit ... share your blessings with others as you give thanks.   Praise God for your blessings ... those known and those on their way. 

There's excitement in the air, but not because of man-made traditions -- although they are fun and unite families -- our true excitement is for the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Breathe it in and take more than a moment to remember why Jesus, the Son of God, is our saving grace.  

God created this baby in a virgin's womb because of His love for us. Jesus saved us from darkness and that's why we must shine in His love by always forgiving others and letting the peace of heart which comes from Christ, always be present in our hearts and lives.

As you celebrate the birth of Christ through praise, worship, song, dance, laughter and food ... please pray for the safe return of our military troops fighting in Iraq.

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men 
on whom His favor rests."   Luke 2:14

Miracles and Blessings ... Kiki here, iCafe Woman Moderne wishes you all a very Blessed and Joyous Christmas.  

While you're home for the holidays, curl up with your favorite child and read these delightful children's books.

Sugar Plum Ballerinas #1: Plum Fantastic
Sugar Plum Ballerinas #1: Plum Fantastic

Coming January 5, 2011...

Sugar Plum Ballerinas #3: Perfectly Prima
Sugar Plum Ballerinas #3: Perfectly Prima

Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas
Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas

Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters
Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters


Here are a few of my favorite innovative desserts we featured during the year at iCafe Woman Moderne and Joan B. Average, Scriptwriter.  We especially enjoyed the edible fashion and accessories. (we profiled them twice.)  But this little white dress covered with pink roses was my favorite.  I wish I had it hanging in my closet.

(Pink Cake Box)

This next sweet favorite is a polka dot wedding cake  in the top left corner, adapted from the movie, "Because I Said So," starring Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. 

(Things Festive)
Next, we have those cute chocolate Stilletoes from Gayle's Chocolates.  (unfortunately, no relation)
 (Gayle's Chocolates)

Remember those cake and chocolate handbags from Horchow's?

(Horchow's Zebra Striped and Red Handbags)

(bride and groom strawberries)

These delectable white chocolate-covered bride and groom strawberries made an appearance in our wedding text-webisode.

And last but not least, Chocolate Woven Handbags from Food Network Television.

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad! (Spanish) 
Mele Kalikimaka! (Hawaiian)
Joyeux Noel! (French)
Buone Feste Natalizie! (Italian)

Here are more Merry Christmas translations.