Friday, January 20, 2012

Bling in 2012 with Office Glam!

 (Stiletto Shoe Desk - Splinter Works)

Sure, these days... we're professionally large and in charge, crashing the old boys network with mad skills and showing off a little office bling as we ink those deals.  Remember those awful shoulder pads from the 70s and 80s that made women look like football players?  Nope, we're not trying to hide our feminine side like many did during the Saturday Night Fever era. 

(Gold Leopard iPad2 Crystal Rhinestone Back Cover - Crystal Case)

Our iCafe Woman Moderne diva, Renee, a defense attorney, doesn't think women have to hide in dark suits and sensible pumps to be taken seriously.  And she has the zebra rhinestone keyboard and mouse to prove it.  She's even thinking about commissioning Splinter Works to design a replica of their stiletto shoe desk shown in the opening of today's text-webisode.

(Crystal Rhinestone Keyboard - Crystal
(Crystal rhinestone wireless optical mouse - Crystal

"He has given food and provisions to those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him; He will remember His covenant forever and imprint it."  (Psalm 111:5) 


Miracles and Blessings... Kiki and Renee here.  It's only fair that she hosts today's text-webisode and help you "Bling in 2012, with Office Glam," now that we're almost three weeks into 2012.

There's no question... you're as good, or better than the boys in your profession,  but still remember you're a woman and I'll say it... with a girly side.  True, not all women dig pink and rhinestones, but I'd be hard press to find a woman who didn't like diamonds.  Sure, there are exceptions to the rules.  That's what makes this world a fun merry-go-round. 

Here's what I say to those exceptions to the rules... if your eyes light up when you see our office glam... then you'll know you have a girly side screaming to come out.  FREE YOURSELF and glam up your office.

(Inkology Glam Rocks Calculator - Amazon)

Now don't scare them.  We're not talking about painting your office hot pink.  It could be just putting one item on your desk... a red stiletto scotch tape dispenser, for instance... that'll bring a smile during a tough day of negotiating. 

Why not ditch the boring computer speakers and get a pair of those hot, red stiletto speakers pictured below?  I'm definitely getting this for my home office.  On second thought, I better keep it at work.  Once my teenage daughter spies them, I'll only see them in her bedroom.

 (Trend Hunter)

(LAUGHING)  Are you still keeping an eye on your Post-it Notes Pop-Up Purse? 

I better.  It's an eye-catcher and an essential desk accessory.  I've seen several in my department since I placed mine on my desk. 

(Post-it Notes Pop-Up Purse Dispenser - Post-it)

Why do you think office glam is important?

We need to relax a bit at the workplace.  Office glam makes me smile.  And in my demanding job, I'm all for anything that brings a smile to my face.  They say, smiling brings down your blood pressure and is a good indication you're having a happy moment.  If office glam gives your hectic workday a smoother ride, then you want to get on board the Office Bling Express today. 

What office bling do you have in your workspace?  iCafe Woman Moderne wants to know.  Don't be shy.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are Your Green Cleaning Products Toxic?

Yep, I said toxic.  We live in this hectic, technology-obsessed world... but it's time to get back-to-basics. Your safe and truly green products are already inside your kitchen cabinets and sub-zero refrigerator.   Your Grandmom Evelyn probably swore by them. 

I'm 23, and a recent college grad... finding out that some of our so-called green cleaning products are actually toxic was an eye-opener, to put it mildly.  What else don't we know about the products claiming to be green or organic?

Miracles and Blessings... and believe me... we'll need them... April here.  I'm so glad Kiki let me produce today's text-webisode.  Well, to tell you the truth, I came to her in a panic the other day after reading an article on - a Natural Health website titled:  "Be Careful of `Green' Cleaning Products as they May Not Be Very Green... It's Common for Green Cleaners to Contain Toxins."  

Most of us, iCafe Woman Moderne Divas... (that's what we call ourselves since we're always here and of course, we're fabulous.)  are striving to live healthier lives.  So after my friend and fellow iCafe Woman Moderne diva, Sunny, e-mailed me this article... and it blew me away... I asked Kiki if I could share it with all of you.

Here's a fast breakdown... 

A study analyzed 25 commonly used, scented products, including cleaning products (disinfectants, all-purpose cleaners, dish detergents), half claimed to be green, organic or natural.  But in reality, they emitted an average of 17 chemicals each, but only one compound was actually listed on the label. 

Be suspicious if a cleaning product you pick up doesn't have its ingredients clearly labeled. Every single product tested in the study emitted at least one chemical listed as toxic or hazardous!

Buyer,You Better Beware!

Simple Green and other popular products like it claim to be green.  But if you check out the product's material safety data sheet (MSDS)--which is federally mandated that manufacturers make available to consumers--it states that the formula contains up to 4 percent 2-Butoxyethanol by volume.  2-Butoxyethanol is linked to birth defects, reproductive problems, liver, kidney, blood disorders and more.

So make sure you check out a product's MSDS before taking it home.  Where do you find them?  Good question.  I googled MSDS and found this:

             Chemical Safety Right-to-Know Information Station - Click on the link and it'll lead you to a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prepared by the manufacturer of a product for the purpose of providing information on ingredients and safe use. 

Now here's the good news.  Most likely, you already have all the products you need to keep a safe and clean house. 

Mama Really Does Know Best!

I thought these 1970s vintage kitchens would put you in the back-in-the-day-basics frame of mind.  These are the kitchens my mom and her girls grew up in during the Razzles & Now Laters' days.  Maybe you did too.  She learned her back-to-basic tips from her mother.  These tips go back for generations when they had no choice but to use what was on hand.

Okay, do you have vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice for starters?  Check out these tips... most I've already learned from none other than Mom.

1. Lemon juice naturally whitens.

2. Water and vinegar do mix when you want clean windows.

3. Combine vinegar with hydrogen peroxide and you've got a great disinfectant and sanitizer.

4. Baking soda is awesome for scrubbing your bathroom and kitchen.  Add a few drops of essential oils like lavender or teat tree oil and you'll get a nice fragrance and added anti-bacterial agents.  

5. Baking soda is also a safe, non-scratch scrub for metals and porcelain.

6. Clean a nasty oven by sprinkling a cup or more of baking soda over the bottom of the oven, then cover the baking soda with enough water to make a thick paste.  Let the mixture set overnight.  The next morning the grease will easily wipe up. When you've cleaned up the worst part of the mess, dab a small amount of liquid detergent or soap (a non-toxic one) on a sponge and wash the remaining residue from the oven.

7. Unclog a drain by pouring 1/2-1 cup of baking soda down the drain, then slowly pour 1/2-1 cup of vinegar in after it.  Cover the drain and let it sit for 15 minutes.  When it bubbles like a volcano, then it's doing its job.  Flush with a gallon of boiling water.

7.  Deordorize dry carpets by liberally sprinkling with baking soda.  Wait at least 15 minutes, then vacuum.

Happy Cleaning!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.!

Miracles and Blessings from  iCafe Woman Moderne to all of you celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday--this day of remembrance, community service, celebration, peace and reflection of whence we came to where we are going. 

Many have popped into iCafe Woman Moderne for their virtual morning Java and blueberry scones on their way to lend a hand.   

Today is a quiet day for those who were high school students unable to attend a college of their choice because of segregation laws--and for others barely out of diapers who watched on the family RCA from their parents' laps, Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial steps.  

(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., - Selma March)

And some of you are quiet and reflective because you were the Civil Rights foot soldiers marching with Dr King in Selma, sat at lunch counters in Florida and Alabama, or fried chicken to feed a large attendance after he preached at a local church.  

 (Dr Martin Luther King Jr. - "I Have a Dream" Speech on the 
steps of the Lincoln Memorial at the March on Washington)

Those born after Dr. King's time here on earth are quiet too.  They've heard his speeches in school, or on special broadcasts; heard the stories from their elders; and Googled his biographies for social studies' reports.  They appreciate his legacy in a different way from those who witnessed the civil rights movement through mature or young eyes. 

African Americans breathe his legacy in their daily lives when they enter a store, preside over a courtroom case or ride a city bus.  All Americans breathe his legacy when they judge a person by the content of character and not by the color of skin.  

 (Norman Rockwell's Painting of Ruby Bridges in 1960 titled:  "The Problem We All Live With")

Al though those born after his untimely death breathe his legacy in a different way, they breathe it never-the-less.  We want their children and those to come... to build on Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy.  Yes, we have overcome a lot, but there's still a lot more work to do.

As we enjoy the fruits of his labor, let us pay it forward to those looking up at us.  Be a blessing and you will be blessed in more ways than you ever imagined!