Friday, January 20, 2012

Bling in 2012 with Office Glam!

 (Stiletto Shoe Desk - Splinter Works)

Sure, these days... we're professionally large and in charge, crashing the old boys network with mad skills and showing off a little office bling as we ink those deals.  Remember those awful shoulder pads from the 70s and 80s that made women look like football players?  Nope, we're not trying to hide our feminine side like many did during the Saturday Night Fever era. 

(Gold Leopard iPad2 Crystal Rhinestone Back Cover - Crystal Case)

Our iCafe Woman Moderne diva, Renee, a defense attorney, doesn't think women have to hide in dark suits and sensible pumps to be taken seriously.  And she has the zebra rhinestone keyboard and mouse to prove it.  She's even thinking about commissioning Splinter Works to design a replica of their stiletto shoe desk shown in the opening of today's text-webisode.

(Crystal Rhinestone Keyboard - Crystal
(Crystal rhinestone wireless optical mouse - Crystal

"He has given food and provisions to those who reverently and worshipfully fear Him; He will remember His covenant forever and imprint it."  (Psalm 111:5) 


Miracles and Blessings... Kiki and Renee here.  It's only fair that she hosts today's text-webisode and help you "Bling in 2012, with Office Glam," now that we're almost three weeks into 2012.

There's no question... you're as good, or better than the boys in your profession,  but still remember you're a woman and I'll say it... with a girly side.  True, not all women dig pink and rhinestones, but I'd be hard press to find a woman who didn't like diamonds.  Sure, there are exceptions to the rules.  That's what makes this world a fun merry-go-round. 

Here's what I say to those exceptions to the rules... if your eyes light up when you see our office glam... then you'll know you have a girly side screaming to come out.  FREE YOURSELF and glam up your office.

(Inkology Glam Rocks Calculator - Amazon)

Now don't scare them.  We're not talking about painting your office hot pink.  It could be just putting one item on your desk... a red stiletto scotch tape dispenser, for instance... that'll bring a smile during a tough day of negotiating. 

Why not ditch the boring computer speakers and get a pair of those hot, red stiletto speakers pictured below?  I'm definitely getting this for my home office.  On second thought, I better keep it at work.  Once my teenage daughter spies them, I'll only see them in her bedroom.

 (Trend Hunter)

(LAUGHING)  Are you still keeping an eye on your Post-it Notes Pop-Up Purse? 

I better.  It's an eye-catcher and an essential desk accessory.  I've seen several in my department since I placed mine on my desk. 

(Post-it Notes Pop-Up Purse Dispenser - Post-it)

Why do you think office glam is important?

We need to relax a bit at the workplace.  Office glam makes me smile.  And in my demanding job, I'm all for anything that brings a smile to my face.  They say, smiling brings down your blood pressure and is a good indication you're having a happy moment.  If office glam gives your hectic workday a smoother ride, then you want to get on board the Office Bling Express today. 

What office bling do you have in your workspace?  iCafe Woman Moderne wants to know.  Don't be shy.

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Tilly Greene said...

That desk is to die for - the Louboutin of desks!