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Chic Weddings 2014: Non-White Wedding Gowns ...Straps, Dramatic Backs and Hats are Back!

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Our 2014 blushing brides are stepping down the aisle in blush, peach, pink, tiffany blue, print, flowers and yes ...even in black. But today's New Millennium brides are not creating a new fad.  Blush wedding gowns were also popular in the 1950s. 

On the other hand, black wedding gowns are new to this decade. It's hard for a mother to give a head nod to a daughter who wants to say yes to an untraditional wedding gown.

Can you blame starry-eyed mothers?  When they first laid eyes on their precious princesses in the delivery room, they were already imagining her in a white ball gown on her wedding day.

Coco Chanel transformed the perfect little black dress into a fashion staple for over 90 years.  But somehow it hasn't yet transferred over into the wedding gown world.  

Today's bridesmaids have no problem strutting down the aisle in little perfect black dresses.  Black and white decor continues to top the most popular wedding decor list.

Miracles and Blessings!  Kiki here ... Happy May Day.  Aloha!  Happy May Day, Lei Day to my friends in Hawaii.  (black & white wedding gown)

Three things you must keep in mind when shopping for a non-white, nontraditional gown.  I saw this black Isaac Mizrahi gown and fell in love with it on the reality show:  Say Yes to the Dress! 

1. Be Bold and Strong ... Banish Fear and Doubt. 
It's your wedding.  Wear what makes you happy.  If black, peach, blush or even polka dots make you happy, that's what you'll wear. Remember the bride always have the final say.  

If I was getting married for the first time, and was bold and strong, banishing fear and doubt ...I would've worn this Tiffany blue wedding gown below if it was available in 1992.

2. Think Past the Wedding Gown.
Don't forget, you'll be seeing that wedding gown for years to come in photos.  Ask yourself, "Does this dress have lasting power?  Can it last the test of time?"

3. Pay for the Dress Yourself.  
Then you won't feel guilty if you don't pick your benefactor's choice.

Our in-house wedding designer and iCafe Woman Modern diva, Cherie, says dramatic backs are back in style.  Welcome to this week's text-webisode:  Chic Weddings 2014:  Non-White Wedding Gowns ...Straps, Dramatic Backs and Hats are Back!

Dramatic Backs and Straps

Thanks Kiki, I'm happy to be here.  Dramatic backs were starting to fade when you jumped the broom.

You mean, when I tripped over the broom.  Off-the-shoulder gowns were popular then.  Strapless wedding gowns were only worn by a few brave souls.  I could've been one of those brave souls.  I had every attention of wearing a strapless Tiffany blue gown.  But, I backed out the last minute when I saw the expression on my mother's face at the words--Tiffany Blue Wedding Gown.  Yikes!  Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

Since my sister eloped, I buckled and gave my mother a modified version of a princess wedding.  I'm not exactly the princess ball gown type.  

A talented seamstress designed and sewed my off-the-shoulder, dropped waist gown with a vintage feel.  Dropped waist gowns were also just coming into wedding vogue in 1992.  So I was still able to feel like a trailblazer.

Yes, straps and dramatic backs have certainly made a comeback. Today's dramatic back design is more intricate and artistic.

Long and Short Wedding Gowns

Short gowns are also making their presence known at today's posh weddings.  Can't decide between wearing a long, traditional gown and a short, sassy, but elegant gown?  Winnie Couture designed the gown below so you wouldn't have to choose.

We're also seeing more brides choosing an unveiled look for their special day.  Instead, they're opting for wedding fascinators and hats, another tribute to the brides of yesteryear.

Do you have any more encouraging words to share with our viewers?

Be true to yourself, and yourself alone on your special day.

Here's a sneak peek of an upcoming text-webisode:  We're celebrating the Class of 1964.  It's been 50 years.  What was the world like then.  Who are some of our most influential alum.  We're going back to 1964 and pumping up our transistor radios.  See you there. 

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