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Unique Ways to Ask Your Bridal Party to Be in the Wedding - Part One: Wedding 2014

When I jumped the broom (got married), almost 22 years ago, I treated my sister and sister-friends to a Chinese lunch with the sole purpose of asking them to share in my day.  

We definitely need our girls as back-up on this lane-changing moment in our lives.  Our wedding day is when we nervously approach the two lane highway in hopes of making an easy transition to sharing the marriage road.

Thinking back on it, I'm relieved I took them out to lunch.  But it would've been nice to have added an extra special gesture, a personalized invite. 

When you break it down, you're asking them to purchase a gown, which in New Millennium standards, most stylish gowns start at $180 with $200 and over now being the norm. 

You're also asking them to talk you off the ledge on more than one occasions, and remind you why you said "yes" to the cute guy holding the bling. 

Tori Poulsen
(Jumpin-the-Broom Pinterest)

Tori Poulisen, of  Hey, Let's Tie the Knot, had the right idea when she created wedding party boxes as Will You Be My Bridesmaid invites.  They incorporated the feel of her wedding and were filled with fun things she purchased at Target:  pencils, bubble gum, chocolate kisses, nail polish glitter, etc.  

After a trip to A.C. Moore, she handcrafted the boxes with her mom, adding all the personal touches and just the right amount of glitter and tulle.  You can never have too much glitter or tulle in my book.

(Hey Let's Tie the Knot)

"Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older he will remain upon it." Proverbs 21:6

Miracles and Blessings ... Kiki here at iCafe Woman Moderne, our virtual cafe for inter-generational women and girls, with today's exciting text-webisode:  Four Unique Ways to Ask Your Bridal Party to Be in Your Wedding - Part One:  Wedding 2014.    

(Vintage Charles Eames-Herman

I'm so glad it's Spring and the beginning of the busy wedding season.  My husband is also a mobile DJ, so this is a busy season for us.  

(E-How - How to Make a Plumeria Bouquet)


Christmas, New Year's and Valentine's Day are big wedding proposal days, so maybe you took a few months to let the engagement sink in before you got down to the serious business of planning a wedding.  Picking your wedding attendants is high on the wedding-to-do list, next to selecting the gown. 

Idea One - Bridal Party Boxes

You can get wood boxes from craft stores e.g. JoAnn Fabric, A.C. Moore ...and personalize them collectively or individually to your prospective attendants' taste and mix it with your wedding theme.  Don't forget to include one for your flower girl, even if she's just learning the alphabet. 

Idea Two - Knit, Crochet or Sew Change Purses

Are you a knitter, crocheter or seamstress?  Knitting, crocheting or sewing change purses is a great option and useful on a daily basis.  You can select yarn and fabric for the purse and lining in your wedding colors.  Also include a touching note with your request.  You may have room to include a bottle of nail polish, a file and a couple of Starlight mints or tootsie rolls ... just go crazy!

Idea Three - Authentic Cigar Boxes

Now let's get the groom-to-be involved in the fun. Yes, men are invited to our virtual cafe, so lead them here.  He has to ask his attendants too.  Why not use actual cigar boxes, or vintage ones, even better.  

I'll direct this portion to you, Mr. Groom-to-Be.  You can find a whole sleuth of authentic wood cigar boxes on Ebay at affordable prices.  Or you can bid within your budget. They go from a couple of dollars on up.  You can purchase ten for as low as $17.
Above right, are four wood cigar boxes - special collectors set - designed to look like books.  Very clever!  Your groomsmen don't have to be smokers to enjoy this unique gesture.   This set is $20 on Ebay. 

Appeal to a Hobby... 
Perhaps your attendants golf, you can put inside the cigar box: tees, golf gloves, a cap, lip balm, sunscreen, a pack of chewing gum or lifesavers.  Don't forget to include a note:  Will You Be My Best Man?

Say it with a Shaving Kit?

Turn the cigar box into a shaving kit with the following:  (a) shaving brush, (b) shaving soap, (c)aftershave lotion.  

Say it with a Car Cleaning Kit?
Make a car cleaning kit that most of your buddies would appreciate, include: (a)wool mitt, (b)tire brush, (c)dry cloth, (d)Rain-X Glass Cleaner and a pack of chewing gum. 

 (Brighton Car Wash Kit)

If you have more than three attendants, you can get the items in bulk at a big box store like Costco.  And if you have some time, and your nickname's Frugal Fred -- collect coupons, while keeping an eye on the sales.  I'm frugal too and completely understand.

Rain-X 5080217 X-treme Clean Glass Cleaner - 12 oz.

Now, back to the girls...

Idea Four - Childhood Girlfriends
You grew up together playing Barbies and jacks, so use a childhood memory to make your invite even more memorable.  

You can write, Be My Brides Maid on the box flap, if there's enough room.  Or make a pink scroll and slip it in the box or tape it to Barbie's hand so it looks like she's holding it up for your friend to take. 
(The Berry)

I don't know about you, but I kept my precious ball and jacks in a small drawstring bag.  You can find them at a dollar store or A.C. Moore and JoAnn.  Again, make a cute scroll with your bridesmaid request on it.

Need More Ideas for Asking Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Check out 24 Insanely Creative Ideas to Ask Will You Be My Bridesmaid?  

Well, that's it for now, but here's a teaser for our next text-webisode.  Stay Tuned!

Wedding 2014 - Part Two:  Straps are Back! Speaking of the back, this year's wedding gowns are making an elegant statement from the front and the back.  



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