Saturday, January 19, 2013

Green Homes of Today and Future - A Sixties Modern Vibe with Healthy Benefits

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  Can you imagine this, a home constructed of hemp and lime with extremely low untility costs, no termites, no dry rot, fire and pet resistant, no waste, significatly reduced C02 emissions and much more?   If those facts don't make you want to do cartwheels... this will. 

A Hemp Home's energy use is only .25 per square feet per month.  That's right... I'm talking cents, not dollars.  Oh yeah, you're ready to do a cart wheel now... and take out your checkbook.

Of course, our iCafe Woman Moderne D.I.V.A.S.  (Dynamic, Industrious, Victorious, Artistic and Strong) are over-joyed about the green features, but we also love the modern vintage design.

(Hemp Homes)  


"Yes, you can determine a tree or a person by the kind of fruit produced." Matthew 7:20  

Blair Sutton  
Kiki, the humble head of our home away from home -- iCafe Woman Moderne -- sends her miracles and blessings.  I'm Blair Sutton, a Green Architect... and I'm thrilled about hosting today's brief look at two of my favorite green homes worth considering.
Hemp Technologies
I take it, you've watched the video in our opening scene.  Isn't the home amazing?  And for those who haven't watched it yet, how would you like a home that has:             
  • Thermal Mass Insulation

  • Negative Carbon
  • Low Density
  • Clean Air
  • High Thermal Resistance
  • High Thermal Inertia
  • Vapor Permeable (breathable)
  •  Inherently Airtight 

    Paying the Environment Forward  
    Constructed of Hemp and Lime, Hemp Homes produced by Hemp Technologies is the first company in the U. S. to build fully permitted, healthy hemp homes.   They see it as paying it forward.  This is what they say:      
    Building with Hemp Grows Demand  
    If we as a company continue to build healthy, non- toxic energy-saving, clean-air homes using Hemp + Lime, demand will increase for farmers everywhere to grow Industrial Hemp as a "Break Crop," adding more jobs and prosperity to every region.  Internal deficits will drop and the air we breathe gets cleaner for everyone with Zero land-fills.  

    My next choice is a green pre-fab home from Stillwater Dwellings.  I love the butterfly roof.  It reminds me of Palm Springs homes popular in the Sixties and today.  

       Stillwater Dwellings     

    Stillwater Dwelling Facts:  

    Energy efficiency is at the heart of their design philosophy.       Super-insulated and tightly sealed.   High-efficiency space and water heating systems.   Modern fabrication system reduces waste up to 50% compared to to site built homes.

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