Sunday, October 5, 2014

Flower Power! Flowers by Design

We're celebrating the flower and our new iCafe Woman Moderne motif.  Flowers take on many shapes in today's society. I'm not just talking about nature.  They're a popular muse for everyday designs from fashion to the home, and even a home.  Are you still with me?  Oh, I get it ... it's hard to take your eyes off that rose cocktail dress on the left... so sharp!

Miracles and Blessings ...Kiki here, back from wandering along the paths of a nearby arboretum on a beautiful Indian Summer day.  

Flower blooms are not just for Spring, the beauty of the mums are making their Autumn entrance with elegance and grace.  Nature's favorite beauties -- flowers and the power of flowers in today's designs -- headline this week's iCafe Woman Moderne's text-webisode:  Flower Power!  Flowers by Design ...Everyday Designs from the Runway to the Kitchen.  We're featuring more than a few.

I've always dreamed of wearing a rose-shaped dress.  To be exact, when I was planning my wedding, clearing my throat, years ago ... I designed, in my head, a rose-shaped bridal gown with the front at the knee and the rest, cascading to the floor at graduating lengths.  (The above is a chocolate rose shaped wedding gown from Vera Wang's 2012 collection.)  And they're still topping the popularity scale two years later.

Did I mention that I wanted my rose-shaped gown in pink or peach?  Well, Mom and my female cast of family members weren't having that.  Nope!  So I buckled, but still added my unique fashion stamp.  No, it wasn't my dream wedding dress.  But in all honesty, I didn't dream about my wedding day when I was a little girl, so I had no design in mind. 

 When I finally went full throttle on the wedding day planning, six months before, my rose cocktail dress/wedding gown bloomed back into my memory.   At the time, I didn't know my style was a modern with a vintage twist, but that's exactly what my wedding dress shaped into.    

  Unfortunately, I didn't get my rose-shaped wedding dress, but I carried a long-stemmed rose bouquet that matched my mother's--mine was, of course, peach.

(rose cupcake dress)

So yes, flowers play an important role in fashion and accessories.   Sex in the City's Carrie Bradshaw had no problem sporting a flower when a designer dress or shoe needed the Carrie touch.

Is Carrie's flower an accessory or part of the dress?  Either way works It's a statement piece you can't miss.  That's why she's Carrie Bradshaw.  I can also see her rocking these flower designed shoes below.

Flower Accessories

Flower design pops up in all shapes and designs from fashion and jewelry to luggage and home decor.


 These flower shaped chairs add comfort and conversation to any stylish living room.  

Place them next to these color petal-shaped tables and your guests won't want to leave.

Warm weather climates can certainly make the most of these flower-inspired sectionals for lounging around the pool.

 Flower design have also entered the office with Vianca's flower-shaped desk cubicle.


 It gets better.  A flower shaped salami?  Sure, why not would give any food display extra appeal.

We can even salute our new fall season with a carved flower-shaped pumpkin.  I'd gladly have one of these on my front steps instead of a scary Jack-o-Lantern.

 And here's a yummy alternative to the traditional pumpkin pies that I'm sure will be invited to many Thanksgiving dinners.

Hats and Headpieces 

(100 Layer Cake)

For decades, flowers were a longtime muse for hats and headpieces.  So you won't do a double-take when someone passes by wearing a daisy hat, right?  Well, maybe if you were attending the Royal Ascot in England and stumbled upon this smiling woman in an eyebrow-raising hat.

Kentucky Derby
 And this woman is not to be outdone by her at the Kentucky Derby.
 (Kentucky Derby)

But you'd probably get whiplash feasting your eyes on a house shaped like a daisy.

This flower-shaped house is the eco-friendly home of professional soccer player, Gary Neville.  It's designed with the kitchen as the “heart” of the home with several wings designated -- eat, relax, entertain, work, sleep and play — arranged around the central area (the kitchen) like petals on a flower.

Designed by Make Architects, this carbon zero home took three years to complete.

What do you think about a flower-shaped home?  Could you live in one?

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