Monday, June 25, 2012

Tight On Space and Storage? Get Creative!

Luggage that never goes on vacation, but solves a "tight on space" storage issue?  Yes, you're checking out luggage that won't see Bora Bora, but will help you store shoes, clothes, books or papers a cramped space with panache.

We hear it all the time.  I'm tired of the same plastic storage boxes, lacquered shelving units and floral hat boxes.  Well, here's your answer.  Just because you're light on storage and tight on space ... doesn't mean you can't be creative and stylish too.

Ask and you will be given what you ask for.  Seek and you will find.  Knock and the door will be opened.  Matthew 7:7

Welcome to this week's text-webisode, Tight on Space and Storage?  Get Creative! ...inside iCafe Woman Moderne, our bustling virtual cafe for inter-generational women and girls. 

 I'm Maeva, this week's host, and I send you Miracles and Blessings from our fearless leader, Kiki, owner of iCafe Woman Moderne.  It's what us regulars like to call our cafe home away from home inside an Art Moderne mid-century home. 

I'm the perfect diva to host today's text-webisode.  Why me? I'm a busy graphic designer who works and live in a studio/loft apartment in a large metropolis.  Of course  As far as lofts go, it looked humongous until I moved in my stuff.  I've lived here for two years but somehow accumulated 20 years worth of living.  

So what's a 25-year-old single girl to do, (who still gets carded) but to start hitting the cyber-world.  I found some off-the-charts storage solutions that'll make my life a whole lot simpler.

Tight on Space and Storage? Get Creative with Five Innovative Storage Solutions from Maeva

I'm spilling the decaf coffee beans on five innovative and tres-stylish storage solutions to get me and you organized.  

1. KIVIK Chaise/Sofa - IKEA
I can't talk about space solutions without starting with my KIVIK.  I love my KIVIK! You can get different pieces and mix and match just like accessories.  I connected the chaise and armless chair and made a  small, but comfy sectional.  It can take up roughly six feet on one side and seven feet on the other.  But it depends on  your configuration and imagination. 

After I brought mine home, I found more space.  So I hopped back in my Honda Element and added a one-section chair and an ottoman to the fun.  I change it whenever I get a whim.  I'm very whimsy.  Whew!  I've done good.

2. Tassenkast Luggage System
Our Tassenkast luggage storage system, named after Danish Designer Tassenkast, lets you store plenty of objects.  Discovered at Lotty Lindeman, you can leave some of the luggage open for easy access.  All of the suitcases are made from wood and a special type of fabric that creates an eye-catching wall.

3. Console Bookself  
By Designer Stanislav Katz -
This unique baroque-inspired furniture lets me chill while surrounded by my favorite books.  My clients like to check it out when they drop by.  I even caught one dozing off.  Not a smart idea when I charge by the hour.

(First Photo - Sanya Arts Space)

Here's how Katz console bookshelves are constructed.  Two parts are sealed together.  The inside is made of soft, springy polyurethane for lounging. While the outside is solid, handcrafted MDF painted pink and black favorite colors.

Keeping in the Pink and Black Color Scheme...

4. Artistic Dresser called "Drawer's Chest"

This unconventional geometrical “Drawer’s Chest,” is pink and black lacquered MDF measuring 130 cm x 100 cm x 50 cm. An ordinary dresser turns into dazzling artwork with storage.  This curvy creation is a fun place to store your clothing and treasures.  
It's the perfect place for my Victoria's Secrets

Lazy Susans are not just for condiments.  It doesn't get any better than this.  You can have your shoes and rotate them too.  A Lazy Susan for shoes is a must for shoe-aholics like myself.

I've got a place for my shoes, jewelry and Victoria Secret.  All that's left to do is to slip on my perfect little black dress, (my Ferretti baby doll) and accessories and go.


OneWeekToCrazy said...

I love the bookcase! Such a neat idea!

Gayle Herbert Robinson said...

Yes, it's a very innovative bookcase lounge area. I love it too. I can definitely see myself reading a good book on it and dozing off. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings!