Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Step Out-of-the-Wedding Gown-Box...

 (Amsale Little White Dress)


 (Melissa Sweet)

And Step into a Hemline Raised to Ballet, Tea, Knee or Slightly Above-the-Knee lengths.   But let's Keep it Tasteful and Always Elegant, whether you're marrying for the first time or renewing your vows.

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I love the Melissa Sweet wedding dress above.  It has a vintage feel I absolutely adore.

Warning, you may start craving a slice of wedding cake after gazing at this white dress with pink flowers on the dress form above.  Well, it should.  It's a cake dress designed by those talented cake designers at the Pink Cake Box.  

It's the perfect example of an out-of-the-wedding gown-box, wedding dress like the ones in our opening scene.  Can't you see them all with a white, ivory or soft pink bird cage veil or fascinator? 

Fascinator - A fascinator is a headpiece, a style of millinery.  It's a woman's alternative to a hat for formal attire.  It's usually a large hair decoration on a clip with elaborate trimmings and decoration like a formal hat.  And it can incorporate a base to make it a miniature hat.  Wikipedia

 I certainly can see a bird cage veil or fascinator with any of the short wedding dresses previously shown.  That's the great thing about stepping out-of-the-wedding-shop-box.  You can add any color you want to a dress.  Wedding shop owners and maybe a few wedding planners are probably frowning at that last statement.  But hey, it's your wedding can add color if you want to!

Popular Hat Designer and Owner of the Granville Milliery Company--Amy Hamilton--designed the next fascinator called the "French Twist."

 (Granville Millinery Company - French Twist)

 A Hat Above the Rest...
Short wedding dresses could even be worn with a stylish hat accentuated with flowers and feathers like the Royal Romance design below, also created by Hamilton.


Miracles and Blessings ...Welcome to iCafe Woman Moderne ...Kiki, here.   Once again, we're starting June off with our annual wedding text-webisode.  

This time, we're showing you how to:  Step Out-of-the-Wedding Gown-Box!  I'm happy to say I'll be celebrating the big 20th wedding anniversary this July 11.  Hooray!  

What's our secret?  It's really not a secret, but I'll tell you just the same.  It's quite simple ...the couple that prays and worship together has a strong foundation to stay together.   Without it, you'll feel like you're walking on quick sand during the challenging times.  

But first, a quick message from our Sponsor.

"Anything is possible if I have faith."  Mark 9:23
"From Eternity to Eternity.  I am God.  No one can oppose what I do."  Isaiah 43:13 

Now Back to iCafe Woman Moderne's Step Out-of-the-Wedding Gown-Box...

Welcome back!  But we're not just talking about stepping out-of-the-wedding gown-box.  

Fellas ...freeze.  Don't you dare back out of that door.  Today's text-webisode also have some handsome surprises to help you step out of your tuxedo box. 

So of course I asked four of our iCafe Woman Moderne Divas to drag ...I mean ... cordially invite their hubbies and fiances to join the fun.  

Two are renewing their vows this Summer and Fall.  While the other two are first-time brides and grooms and want to crank up the unique quotient for their wedding. 

Let's check out what's going on in the great room?  Shall We? 


The camera zooms in on our grooms-to-be and hubbies who can't stop squirming on the sectional.  They're looking a tad uncomfortable.  Maybe it's because they're wearing white sleep masks emblazoned with  "groom" and "groom again" in black letters. 

Our first bride-to-be, MARIAH, 25 - a Dental Hygienist -- models her selected wedding dress.  It's a replica of the short, pink wedding dress with matching veil introduced in the movie, The Vow.   

Worn by Co-Star Rachel McAdams and co-starring Channing Tatum, this made-for-movie dress was designed by out-of-the-box Fashion Designer Betsey Johnson .

I'm loving this pink dress.  I found it on ..."  

She glances at fiance, TONY, 27 - Architect.

"I found it on's my secret until the wedding day dot com."

TONY(27 - Architect)
Why am I here if I can't see the dress? 
Wait a minute, did you say pink?  
You can't wear a pink wedding gown.
Someone I like to call, Mom ... and your 
future mother-in-law will freak. You're wearing white. 

NATE (28 - Licensed Carpenter)
So, you're cool with it being short?

Short!  Oh man, Mariah ...what are you doing to me here. You can't wear a short dress on our wedding day. Sure it's in a garden, but a short dress won't cut it with Mom or me.  I always saw my bride in a white gown that looks like marshmallow fluff.

Tulle?  You're insane if you think I'm wearing tulle.  Even though that tulle dress in the opening scene was cute.  Forget it, I'm not wearing anything long that looks like marshmallow fluff.  It's so not happening.

You're not wearing a short pink dress. 

He snatches off his mask as his future bride screams bloody murder.  He stares at her in shock, speechless.  He walks over to her mesmerized and smiling.

This is your wedding dress.  You're not wearing anything else.  I'm not kidding.  Baby, you're so beautiful.  I can't wait to marry you.

(off-screen-behind the open-concept kitchen)
(in unison)

Mariah and Tony passionately kiss.

Hey Tony, I'm pretty sure they can find you a dress like that so the two of you can match. Won't that be nice, Tonya?

The guys laugh.   

That's okay, Bart Simpson.  I'm borrowing your Pee Wee Herman plaid tuxedo with the high-water pants you wore at your prom and wedding. 

(Pee Wee's Big Adventure)

Bart and Tony crack up, pounding hands. 

Bart's wife, JENNY, 49 - Dietician - (they're celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in August) enters the great room next.

Jenny's in a shorter version of the pink chiffon gown you're seeing on your screen that was featured on Martha Stewart Weddings.

FYI ...Bart's suit was checkered, and Grand-mom let out the hem for our wedding.
(to Bart) 

Don't even think about taking off that mask.  We've got another 25 years to go.

Tony and the ladies check out the long, pink dress on the monitors, as OLIVIA, 28, - Owner of Sweet Olivia's Bake Shop -- joins them in her grandmother's tea length Fifties prom dress.  

Jenny, your dress looks identical to the Martha Stewart one,  only shorter. 

Thanks, my sewing skills definitely came in handy.

Don't tell me you made your own wedding dress.  What can't you do?  You're this amazing gourmet chef ... you make your own soap ... you can even build a deck and tile a bathroom.  You're like this Martha Stewart with Ty Pennington's skills.

Wow, it looks like a professional did it.

A professional did.   I've been sewing since I could sing the alphabet.  My parents were expecting a James, but Daddy still taught me everything he knew.

Can you help me with mine?  I'd like to raise the neckline and make it a keyhole and update the flowers.   NATE ...hands off that blindfold.

I was yawning.

Sure you were, dude.  

I'll help you, Liv ...that's not a problem.  Your mother's dress was made for you.

Daria, are you ready?

I saw her crocheting the dang thing.

It's not the same ...leave the mask on! 

She yells from the changing area O.S. (off-screen)


(to the camera)
Daria was inspired to make this dress by the woman in the photo, on your screen.  She's with her husband and baby at their mountaintop elopement.  She sewed the green dress underneath from a vintage pattern and crocheted the doilies for the overlay in three weeks.

Daria walks out in a coral halter vintage dress with ivory crocheted doilies and white silk gardenias in her hair.

It took me seven weeks.

It's stunning.

It'll be perfect for our vow renewal in Bermuda.

You mean Barbados.

Why would we be going to Barbados 
when we honeymooned in Bermuda?
(to the ladies)
We're celebrating our 35th, poor fella.  He's losing it.

Bermuda's already booked.  I'm just making sure you're not slipping, woman. 

Okay, ladies's the men's turn.

Our turn?

Kiki faces the camera, smiling. 

That's right, it's your turn to look as handsome as our favorite stars from yesterday. The famous Las Vegas Rat Pack. 


A photo of the Rat Pack members -- Peter Lawford, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra -- appears on the monitor behind her. 

It's nice to have friends in high fashion places.  My friend, Desmond ...a men's wear buyer at Nordstrom's ...brought over some suits in your sizes and accessories.   Now it's your turn to look fierce.  He's in the back waiting for you.  Go on now.

Had I known, I wouldn't have eaten that cheese steak and cheese fries before I came here.

You're forgetting those two brownies and Latte you scoffed down once you got here.

(to Bart)
I guess we're going to ignore that fancy French sandwich and peach milk shake you had.  (snickering)

The guys laugh.  Nate and Bart pat their stomachs, as the ladies shake their heads.

The two who didn't eat cheese steaks and brownies ...try on the suits.  The rest ... you'll model the accessories.  

She hands the ladies blindfolds.  

Sorry, Divas. We're saving the surprise for your special days.  

Action in iCafe Woman Moderne FREEZES just as the women start to protest.  

ZOOMS IN on a laptop placed on a coffee table in front of the sectional.


CLOSE-UP of a smiling Kiki inside the laptop.  

Over here ...don't you love technology? At a blink, I can freeze that scene and their complaints.

She gestures toward the frozen images of the women surrounding her face inside the laptop.

And we can come back to this.

She snaps her fingers.

The men leave. Kiki hands the ladies "Bride-to-Be" and "Bride Again" white sleep masks.  They begrudgingly wear them, but don't utter a word.


Kiki is seated on the sectional with the ladies.

Welcome back to iCafe Woman Moderne 's virtual cafe inside an Art Moderne home.  Today's New Millennium men can step out-of-the-tuxedo-box too.  Especially, if they're having a destination, beach or garden weddings as you're all doing. 

She leaves the sectional and stands by the open-concept kitchen where the men will emerge.

Ladies, I'll describe what they're wearing, so you're not completely in the dark.  But like you, they'll have the final say.  Are we in agreement?  Or do we need a time out again.

The web camera pans their unhappy faces, nodding.

Tony enters dressed-to-impress.

Here's Tony in a blue seersucker suit sporting a navy polka-dot bow tie.

He's Rico Suave in a Stetson's Brewster Straw Panama Fedora.  Yes, ladies ...straw hats are appropriate for outdoor weddings.  I didn't think we had time for all four to model the suits, but we do.  So here they are.

Nate joins us in a lavender version of the seersucker.  It would look great on groomsmen if the bridesmaids wore lavender dresses.

Nate's also wearing a Stetson Latte Milan Fedora hat with it.  Ladies, I know you're dying to speak.  But please hold your comments and leave the masks on.  

I like this.

Bart enters the great room.

Bart's liking his two-button light tan suit and ladybug silk tie.  I understand this design has sentimental meaning and looks fantastic.

You could've warn me you were going to make me cry today.

Jenny wipes tears from her cheeks.

My first gift from him ...five days after we met ...was a ladybug necklace.  

She touches the ladybug necklace she's wearing.  

He found out from my sister that I loved everything ladybug.  That's when I fell in love with him.  Except for our wedding day, I always wear it.

The ladies stop her from staggering over to him. 

Bart's also carrying a red and black polka dot tie that looks like a lady bug convention.  

I'm wearing the first lady bug tie.   It's sharp.  

And finally,  Dapper Danny looks stylish in this natural three-button linen suit accented with a coral retro mod tie.  It perfectly matches your coral crocheted dress, Daria.  He's also sporting a Kangol Swirl Pork Pie hat in brown and tan.

A Swirl Pork Pie!  It sounds like something I would like eating ...not something I would like to see him wear.

Now we're talking.  I'm digging everything about this look.  


Guys, here are tips to remember from grooms when shopping for your special day.  

1.  A well-tailored suit will make you look a million times better than a suit pulled off the rack at Sears.

2.  When choosing your shirts and suits make sure that the shoulder seams fall on your shoulders.

3.  A collar on a dress shirt should fit snugly around your neck, not too tight though.  If you can fit more than one finger between you and your collar, that neck size is not the right one for you.

4.  If you're getting married on a beach and you're going with the golf shirt style, the shirt should end just below your waist.

5.  Go to a higher end rental store if you're renting.  Go to a store that has stock you can try on.  Never order sight unseen.

Ladies, let's give a hand for your sweeties and the good sports they are. Now guys head on back and change.  

A FEW MORE MINUTES LATER, the masks are removed and the guys are back.

I hope you're enjoying today's text-webisode.  We're definitely ending on a sweet note, literally.  Now, for those of you who want to step out-of-the-wedding-cake-box. Here are a few alternatives we found on Martha Stewart Weddings that Olivia, the owner of Sweet Olivia's Bake Shop, made for us to sample.

Thanks, Kiki.  Here are several alternatives or additions to traditional wedding cakes.

1. Martha Stewart's Bundt Wedding Cakes

2. Brownie Treats

3. Marbled Masterpiece.

4. Mini Cupcakes in Lace Cupcake Towers.

(Martha Stewart Weddings)





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