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Welcome 2012!

Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

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Miracles and Blessings... Kiki here, Happy 2012 from our inter-generational divas at iCafe Woman Moderne!

"Ask and you will be given what you asked for... 
seek and you will find... knock and the door will be open." 
Matthew 7:7

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Don't you love the New Year... all sparkly and new?  It's like when you were eight and starting the first day of school... your first day in third grade.   You put on your new school outfit you spent hours digging through the racks at Sears, searching for just the right look. (before school uniforms became the norm)

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Finally, you get to christen your new Saturday cartoon show-themed lunch box and open your pencil case, this one's in the shape of the United States map, and filled with freshly sharpened #2 and a rainbow of coloring pencils.  You're feeling so good, you could probably draw a rainbow from school to home, if you were allowed.

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Where am I going with this?  Simple.  Life is kind of like that third grade pencil case.  A New Year means you can erase the ugly stuff you stumbled through in 2011 with that number 2 pencil, or aim those beautiful coloring pencils at the not-so-pretty junk that tricked you up more times than you care to share.  

So, go on... give them a chartreuse face-lift with a new attitude, apply sage green to a fresh approach, add sunflower yellow by way of a positive outlook.  Give your new-found power a shot of sienna orange.  You know you can't have power where there's a pocket-full-of-pity... right?

But let's get you moving too.  When you're moving, the negative stuff infecting your brain during the most inconvenient times, can't find a home because those endorphins are too busy Tae Bo kicking those negative thoughts right out of your system.  It's a total body cleansing.

So let's start the New Year off right with an attainable "2012 To Do List."  We're not going the New Year's Resolution route where friends inquire about your resolutions with cynical smiles and snickers translating into: "they'll fall by the wayside before Valentine's Day."  Yikes! 

A "To Do List" sounds more serious... corporate... action-oriented.  Yeah!  We can do this!  Whatever you need to accomplish your goals for 2012, you've got 12 months to make serious headway.  

Start today... don't procrastinate... don't daydream... step away from the La-Z-Boy... drop that remote... put the Dove Bar back in the freezer.  You can veg out for a moment after you reach a few of your goals, then back to work you go.

Make your dreams happen or at least begin the journey.  Just Do It!  Go for the Gold!  Feel the Burn!  Use whatever Madison Avenue sales pitch that'll motivate you to take active steps toward living a fulfilling life.  But remember this, to be blessed starts with being a blessing.

So as you write your book, start that music demo, script that movie, plan your wedding, launch a new web copwriting business or navigate a move overseas--don't forget to lend a hand to a person in need.  

Give an encouraging word to a friend or or even a stranger who has lost hope.  Take a couple bags of groceries over to a neighbor who just lost her job.  

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Offer gratis babysitting hours to a struggling single parent, sole breadwinner of three, studying part-time for a degree.

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A need can be on the other side of your backyard fence or on the other side of the world.  As your dreams start to come true, look over your shoulder to see if somebody needs a hand to reach theirs.
Then you'll really know you have begun living a truly abundant life.  

Enjoy 2012!

"But remember this... if you give little... you will get little.  A farmer who plants just a few seeds, he will get only a small crop, but if he plants much, he will reap much."2Corinthians 9:6

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