Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stop Dreading that Swimsuit!

We're almost saying goodbye to July! Are you still fretting over your ill-fitting swimsuit?  Is it cramping your style?  Are you glad you invested in a cover-up?  Well, that's not good.  Help has arrived!  You'll love the 2011 Nautica swimwear and the retro inspsired swimwear and plus size retro swimwear.

Whatever wisdom may be, it is far off and most profound--who can discover it?  Ecclesiastes 7:24

Ask most women what their least favorite thing to shop for is... many will say the dreaded swimsuit.  Even if you're in the best shape of your life, you'll still probably find something wrong with that swimsuit fit.  Even if you have over 30 pounds to lose, you can still have a pleasant swimsuit shopping and wearing experience. No, I'm not on mind-altering meds.

 La Blanca Women's Let's Go Graphic Cup Bandini, Black, 8La Blanca Women's A Fresh Look Ots Sweetheart Cup Tankini, White, 8

Miracles and Blessings... happy end of July... Kiki here, and we're having a blast this summer here at your favorite virtual women's cafe, iCafe Woman Moderne.  We hope this fun-in-the-sun text webisode will help you throw away your dread of shopping and help you find the right swimsuit (if you haven't already) that'll fit you, your summer lifestyle and personality.   

Are you hiding out in a tee-shirt or cover-up?  If so, get back online or visit your favorite shop after you read this text-webisode.  And if you shop now, you'll get a nice savings.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that swimsuit you bought in February is now half or 30% off.

You don't have to be a size four or a surfer girl.  Great if you are, but it's still great if you're not.  Embrace the womanly curves you have and tend to hide, or enhance what you don't have and give yourself more womanly curves. 

We have our iCafe Woman Moderne Divas here to help you get there.  We have sizes 2 to 22 represented here at our annual swimsuit fashion show.  What's different this year is that we're featuring the new retro swimsuits that flatter both the athletic small and the curvalicious.  All sizes are beautiful, you just have to own what you have.  So enjoy your fun in the sun with these retro-inspired swimwear before the leaves change... you'll thank us later.

 Genevieve 35 - a paralegal at an entertainment law firm loves the new retro swimsuit that hugs her curvy body in a flattering way.  No longer does she go in the water with a tee over her swimsuit.  Thanks, Esther Williams for giving women to teens swimsuits all sizes can feel oh-so glamorous wearing
(Mod Cloth)

Daria 42 - this food blogger and web copywriter has a secret beach blanket bingo side.  Move over Gidget and Moon Doggie, Daria's commanding her own beach blanket fun.  Her prized collection of Gidget and Elvis Presley movies are best enjoyed on rainy days.  She's thrilled with this daisy-patterned two-piece. (Mod Cloth)

 At Last! Vctoria's Secret has gone retro- inspired in its swimsuit collection for you divas snorkeling in the South Pacific, jumping waves on the Alantic shores or chilling at one of our country's mountain lakes.  You'll feel and look fantastic in the vintage retro swimwear.

(Mod Cloth)

Austin  22 - Hair Stylist
When most twenty-somethings can't wait to slip into a teeny bikini, Austin, the drummer of her own beat, prefers the sophistication of this Victoria's Secret aqua halter one-piece.

Fabulous at 50, Lorene just celebrated her 50th birthday in style with this head-turning bikini, (why not?) This Zumba, Rebounder and Hula Hoop Dance class instructor celebrated her milestone with a Victoria's Secret BioFit bikini in Antigua.

 (coconut vendor)

Victoria's Secret Biofit Bikini
What's great about this swimsuit is that it custom fits your cup size from A to D.  If you're an A, you get the full padding, B cup... lightly padded... C ... for shaping and D cup with contouring.  But it doesn't stop there.  Uh-uhn... like Burger King, you can have it your way... wear it as a halter, strapless, V-neck, classic and cross-back.

For Sarah 48, a self-employed electrician and avid surfer, there's nothing worse than losing your bikini top on a stoked wave.  This Fisherman's net tankini by Nautica gives her the freedom to surf, kite board and snorkel to her heart's content.  And the fishnet material adds interest to a safe color.

 Daria also likes this size 14 Nautica striped, high neckline tankini for swimming and hanging around poolside.  You can even wear the top with a pair of white shorts and nobody would be the wiser.

No worries, we haven't forgotten you divas who want to add more curves.  Nurse Annie, 25, likes the movement and curves of this Nautica retro-inspired halter-back bandeau bikini. 

Teens... you're in this mix too.  Afterall, iCafe Woman Moderne is an inter-generational virtual cafe.  This smocked bikini by Roxy with amazing cup support and boning at the sides is not going anywhere once you put it on.  I heard that sigh of relieve, Mamas.  It also comes with skinny halter straps adding another secure dimension.  

Sixteen-year-old Carmen snatched this bikini up with the quickness.  The yarn dye stripe has enough wow factor for our creative cartoonist.

 Leah, 18, a dancer, and soon-to-be freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design was drawn to this Roxy Fire Dancer swim suit like fish to water.  It's fun, playful, has the support and makes a summer statement.  It checks off all of her design requirements. 

 We would be wrong if we didn't mention some of the swimsuit don'ts provided by 


1. I beg you... please don't wear heels with your bikini, unless you want to look like you're taking a break from dancing in a Chris Brown music video. 

2. Don't wear a swimsuit top that's too small.  A belly flop in the pool and it's coming off.  You don't want your girls making an appearance in the cyber-underworld.

3. Don't wear a lure-him-in swim suit that could pass for lingerie. You may lure in something you don't want.  

4.  Finally, a Do... This is the transition look you want from beach to beach side restaurant.  A stylish swim suit under a full-length cover up, sunglasses, bottled water to stay hydrated and safe this summer season.

Our iCafe Woman/Girl Moderne Divas picked these swim suits as most suited for many shapes and sizes from

Ray Women's Retro 1-piece Color Block

Jantzen Teal Ruched One Piece

 Jantzen's Women's Pleated Tankini Top - You can wear this with boxers, hip huggers, low rider, skirt...etc. depending on the fit and comfort.

Ray Women's Retro 2-Piece Bikini with Button Trim Side

I know what you're thinking. "But I'm a size 16, I can't wear this two-piece."  Yes you can. It gives you enough coverage on the bottom and support on the top. Also, because it sits low on the hips, the suit elongates a thicker middle.  Whereas some one-pieces make the middle appear thicker and wider.

Color blocked and mock tankinis also flatter many figures.


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