Friday, May 20, 2011

Graduate in Style... Seize Your Moment to Shine!

You know that old childhood rhyme, April showers bring beautiful May flowers.  But the month of May also brings those hard-earned college commencements with high school, middle and elementary  graduations just around the May pole in June.


Ah, graduation day... finally parents/guardians/spouses get to celebrate what their financial seeds, sacrifices and emotional support have sown, when their loved ones strut down the commencement aisle to Pomp & Circumstance in their dignified caps and gowns.  It's a pity they don't have their own commencement ceremonies for attaining their Bachelor's Degree in Sacrifices and Financial Support.  

(Weston College)

In a way, they do.  Many exhausted students feel graduation ceremonies are more for the family than for them.   They're just glad the midnight cramming, never-ending finals and study groups are over.  Kaput!   Finally, they can cut loose... relish their accomplishments and have some fun... at least during graduation month.  

That is, before they start pounding the cracked pavement for work.  Ugh!  Sorry I had to whip off your rose-colored designer glasses.  You can wear them for a few more weeks.

Sure, the common way to celebrate this important passage into adulthood or a new career is to throw a huge graduation bash.  Did you notice that I said common, but that's exactly what you don't want, right?  You're a far cry from being common.  
You want different, unique... a celebration that defines you.  

Miracles and Blessings, Lisa here, along with Kiki.  Thank goodness she took pity on this Johnetta-come-lately and let me host today's text-webisode:  Graduate in Style!  Seize Your Moment!  And that's exactly what I plan to do.  Seize the moment... by finding a unique way to celebrate my college graduation.  Which would be nice, seeing that I moved the tassel over last Monday.  

Did you just graduate too?  And like me, you've postponed celebrating because frankly, you want something different, not right out of the standard graduation gift box.  But what exactly?  That's the million dollar question.  

Your time to soak the recent college grad card is ticking away.  Soon you'll have to get down to the serious adult business, commonly known as employment, if you haven't already snared a job or launched a business.  In this economy, it's a safe bet you're still at the sending out resumes or writing the business plan stage.

Kiki's helping me cyber-storm ideas to make my graduation celebration unique and memorable.  How can it not be?  I'm off to a great start.  I'm in my favorite Eames chair at my favorite virtual cafe -- iCafe Woman Moderne -- drinking today's special, Mango Iced Sweet Tea and enjoying Barefoot Contessa's recipe for Lobster Macaroni-n-Cheese.   

In my head, I've transported in time to the Friends Central Perk set-- and at any moment Phoebe will walk through that fake door with her guitar in hand and start singing off-key... "Shame on You For Waiting Until the Last Minute..." graduation blues.

We narrowed the graduation celebration ideas down to four.

1.  Create a Two-day Japanese Food Feast
Dine at a Japanese Steakhouse e.g. Kobe Japanese Steakhouse, Benihana, Tokyo Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar... and Enjoy a Sushi-making Class.

 (Sushi Poster)

Visit a Japanese Steakhouse -- teppanyaki style japanese cooking -- on a Friday night and spend Saturday night learning how to roll sushiHosomaki, Uramaki, Futomaki, Temaki, Nigiri... on a dinner and a lesson package.

(Tokyo Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar)

If you've never been to a Hibachi Grill, then you're in for a delectable night of food and artistry.  You and your group of recent grads will sit around a huge grill as a Hibachi Master entertain and cook your steak, seafood and veggies right before your eyes.  


Chef Kitchen
Although he’s not Japanese, Chef Poon knows his stuff. And he’s enthusiastic about teaching, hosting one or two sessions a month on the art of rolling. This hands-on class covers all the basics, from how to properly season sushi rice to selecting the right knife. Classes include a full meal, take-home sushi, and guaranteed entertainment from Poon.
Next class: May 25th, 6 p.m. $95. 1010 Cherry Street, 2nd floor, 215-782-2258;


Roll Your Own - New Sushi Classes

A gift idea for the sushi fanatic in your life: a Sushi & Sake 101 session at a SushiSamba restaurant in New York City, Miami or Chicago. The two-hour-long classes teach small groups of students everything from how to buy ultrafresh fish and make rolls to how to pair sake like cloudy nigori and acidic junmai with different kinds of sushi ($70;


Mari's Catering:  Food with Heart and Art
We’ll teach you the techniques for successful sushi making, great healthy side dishes and soups that are not just Miso soup with Tofu. Not only do you learn how to make it, you’ll learn Japanese tradition as well as knowledge of thousands of years of healthy living - the history of the dish, nutritious values, and the reason for using certain ingredients.

Contact Mari's Catering at:  415-341-5468.
Classes are held at Nombe Restaurant at 2491 Mission St., SF CA 94110.

2.  Plan a Roaming Graduation Party
Last Sunday's Desperate Housewives' Season Finale showed us how it's done.  It works best if the party stages are within close proximity. 

 (Desperate Housewives)

a) Start with appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages, like exotic lemonade, teas or smoothies at the first party locale.  
b)Enjoy several kinds of salad at the second party location.  Note:  It could just be the girls for the first and second courses.
c)Let the guys join you for dinner at the third party location.
d)Dessert and a DJ Dance Party with cocktails and coffee served at the final party place.

3. Spend a Day Go-Karting and Playing Video Games
Yes, that's right... be a kid for a day.  You've worked hard for the past four or more years... you deserve to be silly.

87 New Jersey 17 Maywood, NJ 07607
You drive around the 2,000 foot track, reaching speeds up to 30 mph. You come across hairpin turns, banked corners and chicanes. The British Bowman Storm high performance race karts, with Asmo electric motors, are the finest in the world. (according to promotion)

Each racer is given a computer printout at the end of the race showing all the race data graphically. Drivers must be above 57” tall and not taller than 78”. Lower speed races up to 22 mph are available for anyone above 57” and without a full license.

4. Celebrate Your Funny Bone By Transforming Your Home Into a Comedy Club for One Night Only.
Everyone's always telling you how funny you are.  Why not test out the comedy waters while celebrating your accomplishments.  At the very least, you can put your college toils in your act.  Who knows... it may open a new door. 

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