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I Thee Wed ... Again.

Long Island Beach Wedding Dress - $498
Therez Fleetwood - $1,200

What's great about renewing your wedding vows, you're already married.  So now you can keep it simple and make it even more romantic than your earlier big, fat, fill in the blank wedding.

Angie, our Black & White Scone and Skinny Chai came into iCafe Woman Moderne last month begging for ideas on renewing her wedding vows for her 25th wedding anniversary in August.   Yes, this August.  Yikes!

Kiki here, miracles and blessings ... we put our heads together and came up with these suggestions.

1.  Keep it Simple

You probably won't invite 200 guests, but if you didn't the first time ... have at it!  Let's say you did, you may want to keep it under 80.  I'm going for no more than 20 guests for my 20th I hope to have on a Maui beach.

Say Yes to the Dress...

Of course, it's still all about the dress.  If you want to stay nostalgic and can fit into your first wedding gown, why not wear it on your second special day.  Stranger things have happened.  If that's not happening and you need a gown-fitting miracle, check this out:

Here's a Shape Fix wedding dress from Spiegel.   Finally, a wedding gown that fixes your shape too.  Our prayers have been answered.

2. Select a dress that reflects your personality today.  

Tullle and a tiara was your dream look twenty years ago.  Today, you don't want all that beading and glitter people can spot miles away.   

Most likely it won't be a wedding dress at all.  You may go for the little black dress or the Breakfast at Tiffany's look.

Nordstrom Bubble Dress
Donna Ricci Chain Halter

Perhaps you had a plain ho-hum satin gown that made you feel Amish.  Now you want to look like a Hollywood starlet striking a pose on the coveted red carpet.  Keeping the celebration simple doesn't mean you have to keep the dress simple. 

Who you are today should be reflected in your dress.  I love this dress below, add another inch to the hemline and lose the veil.  It's where my fun side gets to hang out with my elegant diva side. 
 Price: $309

Maybe you want to go short this time around.

Suzy Chin

Suzy Chin - Chiffon and Satin Sheath.  Price:  $178

Price:  $192

3. Tell a story with your celebration or have a theme.  

Denise, our Eggplant Panini and Iced Latte Diva, wants to do her 15th anniversary /wedding renewal in a Harlem Cotton Club theme complete with a swing band, swing dance instruction and a DJ between sets to play contemporary music.  The couple and their guests will wear Harlem Cotton Club inspired evening wear.

Take a Glam page from the Old Hollywood Movies re-emerging today in weddings and renewals.   I love this gown (left) from the movie, "Sabrina."   Can't make up your mind between short and long, here's a happy alternative. 

4. Pick a location sentimental to you and your husband.

Let's say, you're high school sweethearts and you met between the french fryer and hamburger grill.  I think it's safe to say you won't be renewing your vows with Ronald officiating anytime soon.  But if you have a small guest list, (30-40) send guests off snickering with an edible favor, a McDonald Apple Pie.  (Two for a dollar)  I'm just saying.  

Decorate tables with McDonald's items you, family and friends have collected over the years--or, name each table after a McDonald's character, Movie Marketing Theme or Menu item.

5. Involve your children and grandchildren in the celebration. 

Incorporate children's artwork or poems about Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop.  Adult children can create a memory board or scrapbook.
If God blessed you with babies later in life, use a photo or footprints on setting placards.

6. Ask guests to wear a specific color to your celebration.  

Hit the color wheel and see where it stops--or have them wear white or black & white. 

7. Keep it small.  

If you go large, enlist the help of a party planner or a very organized friend.  A small wedding renewal can also benefit from the advice of a planner.

Beverly Clark's Wedding

8.  Renew your vows at a destination. 

Our Cobb Salad and Strawberry Smoothie Jacqueline and iCafe Woman Moderne diva -- like me -- plans to do her 20-year wedding renewal in 2012 on a beach in a Hawaii.   

For renewal brides with a modest budget consider Dominican Republic or Costa Rica where costs will be considerably less than Hawaii or Fiji.  Check out Beverly Clark's Wedding

NH Real Arena Luxury Resort

Dominican Republic's NH Real Arena Luxury Resort Renewal of Vows Package - Designed for wedding parties for 10 guests  

Cost -  $695*

~ Wedding Coordinator on Property to assist with your preparations
~ Multiple locations for your wedding ceremony including:
On the Beach, Center Courtyard, Tropical Garden or Indoors
~ Wedding Music Selection during ceremony (CD Playing)
~ Deluxe chairs for Bride and Groom
~ Chairs Elegantly Covered for your guests
~ Bouquet for Bride and Boutonniere for Groom (Tropical Flowers)
~ Wedding cake for 10 guests
~ One Glass of Sparkling Wine for the Wedding Party
~ Hors D’ouvres for 10 guests during Toast to the Couple

9.  Cut costs for your renewal ceremony and anniversary reception with ideas from Love to Know and a few I've thrown into the mix:

     a.  Choose a location that has natural beauty.  Whether it's the     stained glass windows in a church or a garden overlooking a scenic landscape.

     b. Make fruit or bread centerpieces that are also practical.  Give the fruit as favors with a printed ribbon attached to the stem.

 (Fruit Centerpiece)

Wheat Centerpiece  

     c. Select local blooms or grow them yourself.
     d.  Recycle decorations from ceremony to reception.

Granville Millinery Company       

     e. Display a hobby or trade as a centerpiece.  A hat you designed and made would make a unique table centerpiece. Use your felting skills to create a bouquet or centerpiece.  It's eco-chic too.

     f. Use a simple projector to turn a blank wall at your reception into an instant showpiece by broadcasting a slide show that will silently repeat throughout the evening. Slides can include photos of the couple, romantic clip art, wedding phrases, and other related images.

     g. Change bulbs in lighting fixtures to match your wedding colors.

     h.  Use cupcakes as centerpieces for small to mid-size weddings in lieu of a wedding cake.  You and the groom can have your own  cupcake display decorated with symbols of your hobbies reflected.

Art Nouveau Cake and cupcakes

Here are some beach themed cupcakes you'll want to try ...

10.  Do you want to make a unique,  sweet statement?  

Cake designers can make anything with flour, sugar and chocolate.  
Add the polka dot cake below to my "love it!" list.  Too cute.

For a twist on a candy buffet, try incorporating a licorice bar.  Licorice comes in a large variety and can be more budget friendly than other candy and chocolate. 

Check out these non-bridal wedding renewal looks for summer celebrations.

Neiman Marcus - Aidan Mattox Floral Print Chiffon - $395

Neiman Marcus - David Meister - One Shoulder Jersey - $380

Nordstrom's - Max & Cleo Mock 2-piece - $198

Whatever you do make it romantic, and make it special to reflect your love and commitment to each other.

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