Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What 's Your Handbag Saying About You?


This clutch says you love chocolate.  It should, it's made of dark chocolate.  Yes, the eating kind.  If only it could be our everyday purse.  Big sigh! 

"Every woman should have her own purse."  Susan B. Anthony


What's your handbag saying about you?  

Kiki here, no you can't tell it to shut up.  Your handbag can reveal your personality without you realizing it.  We'll look at four handbags and describe the personality or lifestyle of the diva behind the bag.  

A woman's purse is more than an accessory, it's a big part of her everyday life.  How many times have you heard a girlfriend say, "My life is in this bag.  I can't live without it!"


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Uh-huh ... that often?   Most women keep daily essentials in their handbags:  comb, brush, mirror, makeup, cell phone, iPhone/Blackberry, iPod, moisturizer, medicine, candy ... and the list goes on.


Poll a hundred women, you would find at least three items they all had in their handbag (maybe a few more): tissues, a pen and candy.  

Here are four personalities behind four handbags:

Cramming Caroline Travels Light
1. A bulging Vera Bradley Wristlet not zippered all of the way.
Cramming Caroline can't help herself.  She crams her essentials into this, slightly bigger than a cosmetics bag, clutch.  She loves traveling light, but she's not fooling her over-packing mentality.   

Her Vera Bradley wristlet is bulging at the seams.  Because she crams into it:  a pen, keys, medicine, candy, tissues, business and supermarket cards, no checkbook or debit card.  If she could only fit a paperback.  She tucks it tight under her arm and goes about her daily business.

She's one of the few women who uses it as her everyday purse, instead of dropping into a larger handbag.  A container of pepper spray attached to the wrist loop tells us she may have been mugged at some point in her life.  Or, perhaps she just wants to lighten her load and stay safe.  It may be a combination of both.  Bold colors and patterns say that she's energetic, a risk-taker and feminine.  

I must confess, I'm Cramming Caroline.  And yes, I was mugged years ago, that's why I only carry a wristlet under my arm.  I no longer keep my life in my handbag.

Party Girl and Planner Portia
2. Faux Leather Giraffe Satchel from Sarah's Boutique
You want a party?  You call Party Girl Portia to plan or help with the details.  She's the life of the party and always at the top of a guest list.

Fun, confident, stylish and entertaining best describes her.  She loves trends and setting them.  She never leaves the house without her look complete.  This bag suits her life because she can fit a big cosmetics bag inside,  along with an iPhone, hair spray, perfume and more "can't do without" necessities.  If only she could permanently attach her iPhone to her body.

Timeless and Traditional Tracey
3.  Coach Pleated Patent Leather Tote
Tracey breathes elegance and grace in everything she does.  She's a book editor, teacher or librarian.  She enjoys classic designs that never leave the fashion scene.  If she could pick a style mentor it would be First Lady Michelle Obama and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  

Trends are not her thing.  She has no problems with rules and is patient to a fault.  Talbot is her store of choic.  And she shops online at J Crew.  Sweater sets are her absolute favorites.  You'll also find pearls, a broach, pumps, trench coat and a black sheath or two in her closet and jewelry box. 

Soccer Mom Samantha   

 4. Vera Bradley Ditty Bag
In a pinch, Soccer Mom Samantha can stuff a soccer ball in her bag.  Don't be surprised to see her with two handbags -- one on her shoulder and another slung across her body. 
This Tiganello Hobo has pockets on the inside and outside, a definite must for a busy mom.  A long strap lets Samantha go hands-free, so important when you're carrying a caravan of kids to soccer practice, ballet and karate classes.
She carries a cosmetic bag too.  But inside hers are band-aids, a purse size bug spray and hand sanitizer, safety pins, cotton balls, cue tips, spot remover, etc.

Sure, you'll find a brush, but she uses it on her kids.  A quick application of lip gloss and eyeliner at the crack of dawn carries her to sundown.  This keeper of the snacks, fruit and candy would know what to do with a third handbag.   Jeans, yoga pants and dockers are a mainstay in her wardrobe.

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I use a Luxe Link purse hook and now I can't set my purse on the ground even when I forget the hook. Too dirty!